Why Chicas?

Our mission is to provide excellent soccer coaching designed to produce empowered young women with a lifelong love of the game. 
We have an amazing staff that includes former professional players, ODP coaches, college players, and five former Division 1 college coaches. 
And we have a lot of fun!

"Chicas is a local club committed to building more than just great soccer players.  We want girls to realize their strengths and learn life lessons while enjoying the game of soccer."  - Terra Bigelow


"I saw the Chicas not as just a good soccer club but as a great organization.  Being involved in the community by volunteering and fundraising for good causes was part of what attracted me to the Chicas. The organization enables young girls to give back to their community in ways that other clubs were not doing." – Tom Park

"When my family started the process of moving from recreational soccer for my daughter, we frequently saw Chicas families - girls in their uniforms and family member in their gear - and there was always a positive vibe surrounding them.  What really drew us in was that it was a small club that as we got to know it had a real "family" feel to it.  The club was big enough to show that there were great opportunities for my daughter to learn and develop, but not too big where she would get lost in the crowd.  Throw in a well-run club with great coaches and the positive atmosphere, and we were sold." – Sam Fleetwood

"Why not CHICAS!  This club represents everything that I believe in and everything I want for my children. To me, soccer is the icing on the cake. The relationships that are built, the bonding that is done and most importantly the life lessons that can be taught through the sport of soccer are of the upmost importance to me.  The Chicas club provides us with an opportunity to create such things. I joined just a year ago and I feel as though I know the majority of players and parents that are part of the club. I am truly blessed to have an opportunity to impact young girls at every level, just by being a part of this club. I say this often to people in my life, not just the players, but I believe it... “Never let anyone determine your worth!” In life we all have good days and bad and just because someone doesn’t see us, doesn’t mean we aren’t there! Always keep fighting for what is yours! I promise the right person/people will notice. Just “Rudy it.” If you have ever seen the movie, you will know what I mean." - Jen Reynolds 

"The community of Chicas is something that struck me as soon as I joined the club. I can't think of anywhere else where I have gone where the players and families instantly take you in and are willing to help in so many ways. These families are some of the closest relationships I have built in Idaho. I'm encouraged daily knowing that these families trust me to empower and support their daughters. Our club offers something unique not only for players but coaches as well. I love the camaraderie the coaches
have and how willing everyone is to share ideas and help one another learn. The people and the girls are really "Why Chicas". The players remind you over and over again why you do this and are really why this club is so special." – Hannah Pierotti

"Chicas is like no other soccer program I have ever been a part of in my entire career. I have never seen a program that takes such interest in not only player development on the field, but also as young women off the field. In addition, they have an amazing staff full of coaches with experience ranging from playing professionally to coaching national teams and all aspects of youth soccer. They have done an incredible job of implementing a culture in youth soccer and it makes each and every day an athletic and
emotional growing experience." – Joseph Saad

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